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Message from Director General


National Space Science Center (NSSC), the Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Director General WU Ji.

As the clock counts down the few remaining hours to the Year 2015, I’m very delighted to extend New Year greetings to all staff of NSSC, colleagues contributing to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Strategic Priority Program (SPP) on Space Science, and all international collaborators. I wish all of you happiness and health in the New Year!

The year 2014 is significant for the National Space Science Center (NSSC). We are at the juncture where the beacon is becoming more clear and prominent after an arduous voyage, and the further effort can seal the success.

In 2014, four missions of SPP on Space Science have entered into the flight model phase, with Dark Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) to be launched at the end of 2015.  The year 2014 has also witnessed the inauguration of Joint Laboratory for Space Weather in South America, which will be operational in the year 2015.

NSSC took leadership role in  the construction of Space Science Academy in CAS “Pioneer Initiative” action plan. It’s pretty clear that the reform aims to break down the barriers hindering science and technology innovation, plan the major projects in space science field as a whole, and promote the science and technology output.

The first phase construction of NSSC new campus is drawing to an end. According to the schedule, the relocation work will be initiated in the middle of 2015. I expect that we will have an innovative new NSSC culture in the new environment.

Having obtained substantial support from international partners, we welcome more valuable suggestions and comments from global space community, also welcome colleagues worldwide in space science to be further involved in our missions. We believe, cooperation and win-win will play a vital role in 2015.

Thank you all.








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