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Announcement| The 2024 SuperDARN Workshop, Beijing, May 19-24,2024
Update time: 2024-05-10
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The 2024 SuperDARN workshop to be held in Beijing 

The SuperDARN Workshop has been held annually since the inception of the SuperDARN collaboration in the 1990s. We are pleased to announce that the 2024 SuperDARN workshop will be held from May 19-24, in Beijing, China. This year’s workshop is hosted by National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The workshop will bring together SuperDARN engineers, scientists and collaborators all over the world to review the status of the SuperDARN radars, new projects and technologies, latest scientific achievement and to discuss the SuperDARN operations, international cooperation and future direction. 

Following the regular meeting, an onsite school at the Siziwang Observatory of Space Weather in Inner Mongolia Province will be held from May 25-27. The Siziwang Observatory is a brand new comprehensive observatory managed by National Space Science Center (NSSC), which now equipped with two SuperDARN radars, All-sky airglow imager, Dual-channel optical interferometer, GNSS receiver, Low-frequency wave receivers, and Muon telescope. Participants of SuperDARN workshop are all welcomed to attend this onsite school/tour. This onsite school will be sponsored by the International Meridian Circle Project (IMCP), the conference will arrange well everything for onsite school including: transportation, accommodation and meals. We expect ample discussions between engineers, scientist and students with different background to exchange knowledge and ideas on site. 

More information please go to the conference website: https://superdarn2024.casconf.cn


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