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The 2nd Strategic Forum on Space Science,4-5 Sept. 2019,Beijing
Update time: 2019-08-12
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Forum Co-chairs

Prof. WU Ji

Prof. Alvaro Giménez

About the Forum

The 2nd Strategic Forum on Space Science will be dedicated to the discussion of frontiers and opportunities in the field of space science.

Jointly organized by the International Space Science Institute in Beijing (ISSI-BJ), and the National Space Science Center (NSSC), the forum invites prominent scientists within a diversity of space science disciplines, i.e. space astronomy, solar physics, space physics, space earth science and planetary science. The two days forum aims to discuss and identify important scientific frontiers and what future space science missions could be planned in order to get answers to the related questions. As a new player in the field of space science, China is increasingly making effort to improve its contributions in this area since 2011, with several science missions, such as DAMPE, QUESS, successfully launched and now still in operation. In the near future, several other missions, such as EP, ASO-S, SMILE, are under development.

Content and Format of the Forum

The forum will be divided into three parts:

I: the presentations on current programs and future plans by major space agencies (30 minutes each)

morning of Sept. 4

II: the frontiers and Challenges in each discipline of space science (the format for each discipline is: 20 minutes’ keynote presentations+ 70 minutes’ discussions)

during afternoon of 4 Sept and morning of 5 Sept

III: Reports, Open discussions and conclusion (15 minutes will be allocated to each discipline)

afternoon of Sept 5

More info, see the attached preliminary program.

Forum Venue and Accommodation  

Swan Lakeview Hotel  (☆☆☆☆☆)

Address: No. 1 Yanxiu Road, Huairou District, Beijing

Meeting Room: Yanqi Lakeview Hall on B1(雁栖湖景厅)

The Swan Lakeview Hotel (Yanqi Lake view hotel) is a five-star hotel located in Huairou District, and is in the vicinity of the Yanqi Lake, an AAAA tourist attraction. The hotel is 60km away from the downtown Beijing and 40km away from the Beijing Capital International Airport. The Great Wall Mutianyu Section is within 30 minutes’ drive.

You may find more info in the booking link:


 In case you arrive much earlier before the forum starts, you may hail a taxi at the Beijing Capital International Airport, which is reliable and convenient and the cost is around 30 US dollars. You may show the following address to the driver “中建雁栖湖景酒店:怀柔区雁秀路一号”.


Please send the hotel reservation requests and provide the flight info before 19 August, 2019, so the pick-up could be arranged.

The hotel will be reserved accordingly by LOC and the hotel rate will be covered by LOC.


 Please be aware that you may need a visa to visit China. Please consult with your local travel agencies and let us know if you need any further assistance.

 A couple of options for your reference:

1.      In order to obtain the necessary visa to enter China, we highly recommend that you apply for a tourist visa – the application process is less complicate and a lot faster. In most cases, it can be handled by the agent.

2.      For business visa, in most of countries, the invitation letter signed by Prof. WANG Chi is sufficient to get the visa.

In other cases, an official invitation letter from the headquarters is needed. If so, please send the scanned copy of your passport to xuyongjian@nssc.ac.cn to start the internal paper work to apply for the official invitation letter.

- surname:

- given name:

- title:

- gender:

- date of birth:

- nationality:


- passport no.:

- name of your institute:

- arrival date and departure date (for booking hotel):

- the country and city you will apply for the visa:

- 1st time to China?

3.      Last but not the least, a 144 hours transit visa free option is also attractive for short stay visitors. For more info, you can visit:  https://www.travelchinaguide.com/tour/visa/free-transit-144-hours.htm 

It is important that you file your visa application well in time. Once all the forms have been received in good order, the Chinese Embassy typically needs 4–5 working days to process the visa. Please be advised that all visitors to China are required to have a passport with at least six months of remaining validity and blank visa pages.

Local Contacts

XU Yongjian, xuyongjian@nssc.ac.cn, +86 15801028621

LI Yinong, liyinong@nssc.ac.cn, +86 10 6258 6404



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