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SEPC Convoyed Shenzhou VII
Author: cssar
Update time: 2009-05-05
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CSSAR--The Space Environment Prediction Center (SEPC) was assigned to provide space environment prediction for Shenzhou VII during its manned space flight.

According to the requirement of the assignment, SEPC started to provide space environment security prediction to the Manned Space Engineering from April 2008. 14 predictions were submitted before the launch, providing reference for selection of the launch window.

After the successful launch of Shenzhou VII on September 25th, SEPC turned into 24-7 safeguard state. The predictors were on duty 24 hours a day to monitor the space environment closely. They provided an on-orbit space environment prediction every 8 hours and the space environment predictions of spacecraft-on-orbit, astronaut extravehicular activity and companion experiment periodically based on flight schedule.

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