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Chinese Edition of Surviving 1000 Centuries: Can We Do It? Published
Update time: 2012-02-28
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  Talking about the social and technological problems humans would face in 1000 centuries will strike fantasy and arouse curiosity in people’s mind. On 14 February, the launching ceremony of Chinese edition Surviving 1000 Centuries: Can we do it? was staged in Beijing.

  The book was co-written by the well-known astrophysicists Roger Bonnet and L. Woltjer and it was translated into Chinese by Wu Ji, Director General of National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientists. The book analyzes the threats and challenges human being would face in the process of development, reports the crucial problems of energy, mineral resources, water and food supply, emphasizes the importance of active management of resource, specifies the critical role of space science and technology in global decision making and emphasizes the importance of effective global governance.

  The book, with 300, 000 words, comprises by 12 chapters including a brief history of the Earth, cosmic menaces, terrestrial hazards, the changing climate, future of survivability, water and organic resources etc.

  Song Jian, Academician and former state councilor, Xu Guanhua, Academician and former Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Liheng and Wang Xiji, Academicians from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation etc, wrote commentaries for the book. ----Report from Science and Technology Daily.


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