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Yinghuo-1 will be launched in November, 2011
Update time: 2011-10-24
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  “Yinghuo-1 has been transported safely to Baykonur Launching Site in Kazakhstan”, confirmed by Wu Ji, Director General of National Space Science Center, at the 2011 International Forum on Planetary Sciences and Exploration  which was held from October 18 to 20, 2011.

  As a part of Russia-China Joint Mars Exploration program, Yinghuo-1 will board “Phobos-Grunt” Mars Probe which will be sent to space by Russian carrier rocket.

  The scientific objectives for Yinghuo-1 include to study in details of Martian space magnetoshpere, ionosphere and the plasma distribution and its variations, to study Martian ions escape mechanism, payload: Plasma package, to have a moderate survey of Martian surface topography and sandstorms and to explore the Martian gravity field near equator.

  The payloads of Yinghuo-1 include FGM, plasma package, occultation receiver and optical camera.

  Wu Ji said, “in the future, the Mars Exploration will be deepened and Chinese Academy of Sciences is leading the pre-study of future Mars exploration scientific objectives and the payloads. China is establishing its own deep space exploration network and we do have the capacity. The next Mars exploration will be absolutely on our own, while international partner will be invited into the play, making contributions to the exploration of the solar system.”

  (Supplied by Office of International Cooperation)

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