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EP Performs as Expected in the First Month of the In-orbit Commissioning
Update time: 2024-02-09
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Following the successful launch on January 9, 2024, the Einstein Probe mission has entered the in-orbit commissioning phase which is scheduled to last approximately five months. During the first month, the satellite has been confirmed to be in good condition. The testing has been completed for the basic satellite functions. The attitude control stability and maneuvering speed meet the scientific requirements, and the data transmission of the links between the satellite and ground channels is stable. Level 0 and Level 1 products have been generated and distributed to the EP Science Operation System.

Six of the twelve WXT modules have completed one week of bake-out respectively and are currently conducting calibration observations on the Supernova Remnant Crab. Data from the calibration observations of WXT modules have been successfully transmitted to the ground. All levels of data products have been automatically produced as expected.

The FXT payload has successfully completed the unlocking of the sunshield flipping mechanism. The FXT refrigeration cooled the pn-CCD down to -90 °C, and the pnCCD operated normally. Particle background data were collected with the telescope cover on. The data has been successfully transmitted to the ground and processed successfully to produce data products at all the levels using the data processing pipeline.

In the next a few months, the remaining six WXT modules will undergo a one-week of bake-out procedure prior to the calibration observation. The FXT cameras will be sequentially turned on as scheduled. The performance verification observation will commence from mid to late March.
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