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The 14th China-Russia Space Weather Workshop Held in Haikou
Update time: 2018-11-09
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On 6th Nov. 2018, the 14th China-Russia Space Weather Workshop officially kicks off in Haikou, China, lasting for 4 days. With the joint support of the National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSSC, CAS) and the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences (ISTP, RAS), the workshop is organized by the Chinese Space Science Society and the State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, attracting more than 70 researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as Chinese Universities.

In line with the theme of solar activity and its effect on the earth, the workshop touches upon the following topics, response of magnetospheric processes to the impact of the solar and interplanetary disturbances, recent advances in the upper neutral atmosphere and ionosphere studies from low- to high-Latitude, wave coupling processes from the low to the upper atmosphere and space weather monitoring, forecast, and impact on technical systems etc.

Prof. WANG Chi, Director General of NSSC and Prof. Medvedev, Director of ISTP delivered opening remarks, recalling the history of the workshop and the cooperation since the establishment of the China-Russia Joint Research Center on Space Weather. Prof. Medvedev believes that the International Meridian Circle Program (IMCP) initiated by NSSC will provide new opportunities and momentum to the traditional Russia-China cooperation. Academician YAO Zhenxing from Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academician LYU Daren from Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the workshop and provided constructive suggestions to the China-Russia cooperation. Both sides conduct substantial discussions on the following up joint research in the field of solar terrestrial physics and how the Russian Academy of Sciences joins the IMCP.

The China-Russia Space Weather Workshop is a series of bilateral workshops to exhibit the research progress in the field of space weather from the two sides and enhance the bilateral cooperation and communication. Since the establishment of the China-Russia Joint Research Center on Space Weather in December, 2000, 14 workshops have been held successfully with meeting place alternating between China and Russia.

China and Russia have individual advantages in the field of space weather research, with complete research coverage in solar surface, planetary, magnetosphere, ionosphere and middle-upper atmosphere etc. and the advantages are complimentary in the geological sense with Russia in the high latitude and China in the low latitude. Based on the complimentary advantages, the joint intense research activities have brought about a batch of international cooperation programs.

Group photo

  Technical visit of Hainan National Field Science Observation and Research Observatory for Space Weather


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