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NSSC Celebrates 60 Years Anniversary
Update time: 2018-10-17
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The National Space Science Center (NSSC), CAS celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding with a day-long symposium on Monday, Oct. 15. 2018. “The NSSC: The first 60 years”, gathered together the space science community of present and former researchers, friends, alumni, and supporters – all of whom share a deep interest in the past, present, and future of space science.

Some of the key topics explored at the symposium included seeing deep into Earth from space, ocean exploration, Baidu Global Navigation and Positioning System, Chinese Manned Flight Program, and international collaboration in space science; and speculations on future directions in space science.

“In its 60 years, NSSC has seen its employee, postdocs, and graduates make great contributions to space science and technology, promoting significantly the development of space science in China”, said Chi Wang, director general of NSSC, in his introductory comments. “Now we have a bright and new group of young scientists and engineers poised to make discoveries into the nature of the universe in areas such solar-terrestrial relationships, time domain astronomy, etc.”




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