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Space Science Activities in China: National Report 2016-2018
Update time: 2018-09-06
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Members of the Chinese National Committee for COSPAR (CNCOSPAR)


Editorial Board 

Secretariat Contact Address 


01 Space Research Plan of China’s Space Station

02 Progress of Strategic Priority Program on Space Science

03 China’s Planning for Deep Space Exploration and Lunar Exploration by 2030

04 Development of China’s New Generation Launch Vehicles 

05 Progress of Space Sciences and Application Projects in China’s Manned Space Flight

06 Latest Scientific Results of China’s Lunar Exploration Program

07 Progress of the Quantum Experiment Science Satellite (QUESS) “Micius” Project

08 Dark Matter Particle Explorer and Its First Results  

09 Science Research of Microgravity Satellite SJ-10

10 Status of the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (Insight-HXMT) Project

11 TanSat Mission Achievements: from Scientific Driving to Preliminary Observations

12 Recent Advances in Observation and Research of the Chinese Meridian Project

13 Scientific Objectives and Payloads of Chinese First Mars Exploration

14 Brief Introduction about the SVOM Mission

15 Progress of Solar Wind Magnetosphere Ionosphere Link Explorer (SMILE) Mission

16 State-of-the-art of the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite Mission

17 Space Solar Physics in China

18 Interplanetary Physics in Mainland China

19 Magnetospheric Physics in China

20 Chinese Ionospheric Investigations

21 Advances in the Researches of the Middle and Upper Atmosphere in China

22 Space Weather Service for Chinese Space Science Satellites

23 Recent Progress of Fengyun Meteorology Satellites

24 Progress of Earth Observation and Earth Science in China

25 Manipulation of Colloidal Droplets in Space and the Instability of Thermocapillary Convection in Large Prandtl Number Liquid Bridge in Microgravity

26 National Report on Space Medicine Progress

27 Space Life Science of China

28 Materials Experiment on Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory

29 Solidification and Crystal Growth on the SJ-10 Recoverable Scientific Experiment Satellite  

30 Progresses and Activities of the International Space Science Institute in Beijing (ISSI-BJ)


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