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The 7th CAS-NAS Forum for New Leaders in Space Science Held in Guangzhou
Update time: 2018-02-01
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On 23-24 Jan, 2018, under the support of Bureau of International Cooperation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Guangzhou Branch and the South China Botanical Garden, the 7th CAS-NAS Forum for New Leaders in Space Science was held successfully in Guangzhou which touches upon the field of astronomy/astrophysics and solar/space physics. The forum is jointly initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine and is jointly organized by National Space Science Center (NSSC) and Space Studies Board (SSB) with the meeting venue alternating between China and the US. Since 2014, six forums have been organized successfully in different fields of space science.

The forum was jointly chaired by Prof. WU Ji from NSSC and Prof. Michael Moloney, Director for Space and Aeronautics of SSB. Prof. ZHANG Shuangnan, Director of Key Lab of Particle Astrophysics of Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS, Prof. FU Suiyan from Peking University, Prof. Maura HAGAN from Utah State University and Dr. David Smith from SSB chaired the scientific sessions.

The new leaders from the US come from Princeton University, University of Chicago, University of Hawaii, University of California, Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysical Laboratory, The Aerospace Corporation, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research etc, while the new leaders from China come from National Space Science Center (NSSC), National Astronomical Observatories, Purple Mountain Observatory, Institute of High Energy Physics, Peking University and Tsinghua University.

During the forum, the new leaders either introduced the mission or mission proposal they involved with, such as DAMPE, SMILE, ASO-S, MIT, WFIRST, SDO, or expounded on the frontiers of their research fields.

Prof. WU Ji said highly of the new leaders’ research level and encouraged them to establish communications despite the obstacles in official communication in space science for the two countries. Dr. Michael Moloney expressed his wishes to the new leaders to carry out joint research.

The 8th forum will be held in Pasadena on 12-13 July, 2018.

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