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Global Recruitment of Executive Director of International Space Science Institute-Beijing
Update time: 2015-11-24
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The International Space Science Institute-Beijing (ISSI-BJ) is an organization of advanced studies carrying out its work by attracting scientists from all over the world in multi- and interdisciplinary research.  ISSI-BJ was jointly established by the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) in Bern, Switzerland and the National Space Science Center (NSSC, CAS) in Beijing, China, in July 2013.

The main function of ISSI-BJ is to contribute to the achievement of deeper understanding of the results from different space science missions, ground based observations and laboratory experiments, adding value to those results through multidisciplinary research, by using ISSI operation tools such as workshop, working groups, forum, international teams and visiting scientists. ISSI-BJ also intends to open new scientific frontiers of the universe in all space science disciplines, discuss the directions and scientific objectives and frontier technologies of future space science missions. Benefiting from its location, ISSI-BJ could also provide opportunities to scientists to get to know the new Chinese space science programs and encourage international cooperation in space science. Further information can be found at the website of ISSI-BJ: http://www.issibj.ac.cn

The Executive Director position of ISSI-BJ is now open for global recruitment.

1.     Position

        ISSI-BJ Executive Director

2.     Responsibilities

1)     Responsible for organizing and following up every academic meetings and activities under the guidance of ISSI-BJ Board of Trustees (BoT);

2)     Responsible for working out and implementing the development strategy of ISSI-BJ according to resolutions of BoT;

3)     Responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with ISSI and other international organizations.

3.     Qualifications

1)     The candidate should have high scientific and international reputation with world-wide interpersonal relationships in the international space science community in particular.

2)     Academic title of professor or equivalent; 

3)     Five years’ work experience in a well-known university, research institution, space agency or international organization;  

4)     Priority will be considered to candidates who are familiar with ISSI operations and have good relationships with ISSI.

5)     The candidate will be based in Beijing for at least four months and up to six months per year, with a minimum of one month per stay; the working language is English.

4.     Compensation and benefits

       1)     Up to six times international round trips between Beijing and the candidates resident city.

       2)     Competitive salary, calculated by the actual working days in Beijing.

5.     Term of position and starting date

1)    The first term of employment is 3 years, with possible extension of another 3-year term;

2)    Qualified candidates will have the possibility to take office in August 2016, but no later than December 2016.

6.     Recruitment Process

1)    Qualified candidates can apply for this position at the date of the release of this announcement

2)    The recruiment process will close on 28 Feb. 2016

3)    Candidates should send their cover letter, CV, together with three reference letters and any other supporting materials to Ms. LI Xiaoyu via the following address : lxy@nssc.ac.cn





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