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NSSC's International Conferences

NSSC has hosted large scale international conferences like the 36th COSPAR Assembly which was held in Beijing, 16-23 July, 2006. 3705 abstracts, submitted by over 2640 authors were accepted for presentation at 80 scientific events retained in the final program. Of these papers, 2262 were oral presentations and 1443 were posters. In addition to the core scientific program, five interdisciplinary lectures, a Space Agency Round Table, and two special lunch presentations were organized during the Assembly. The general public had the opportunity to attend three lectures presented in Chinese. According to figures supplied by the LOC, a total of 2407 persons participated in the Assembly.

NSSC won the bid to host the IGARSS 2016 (International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2016) on July 21, 2012. IGARSS 2016 is going to be another large scale international conference with the expectation of more than 2,000 participants.

Some of the workshops hosted by NSSC are held annually or biennially. Since 2004, the ESA-China Space Science Bilateral Meeting was held every year with the meeting place alternating between Europe and China. The Russian-Chinese Workshop on Space Weather had been held annually since 2000 and is going to be held biennially since 2012.

The following is the list of conferences held by NSSC in the past few years.

  2010 The 10th Chinese-Russian Workshop on Space Weather

  2011 International Conference on Storms, Substorms, and Space Weather

  2011 International Workshop on Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (ISMOS 2011)

  2011, The First Seminar of the International Space Weather Meridian Circle Program (ISWMCP2011) 

  2011 CEOS Microwave Sensor Calibration and Validation Workshop and CEOS WGCV MSSG Meeting 

  2011 ILWS Science Workshop 

  2011, The Second ESA-China Advanced Mars School 

  2012, the 8th ESA-China Space Science Bilateral Meeting

  2012 COSPAR Training and Capacity Building Course 

  2012Microarcsecond Space Astrometric Telescope (MSAT) SEMINAR 

  2013 The 3rd Meeting for ESA-China Cooperation on Geo-sounder

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