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Local Guide

Getting to NSSC by Metro:                    

The nearest Metro Station in the surrounding area of NSSC is ZHICHUNLU. ZHICHUNLU is the interchange station for Line 10 and Line 13. That is to say, no matter which direction you come from, NSSC can be reached by Line 10 and Line 13. 

a.   Exit from Exit A (the North Exit). (Follow the direction sign to Line 13, finding Exit A)

b.   Then, walk straight on the side road of ZhiChun Road. 

c.   Turn right on West Wudaokou and walk for about 10 minutes, towards the direction of LiaoNing International Hotel or the National Microgravity Laboratory tower, finding NSSC on the left.

The way from ZHICHUNLU Metro Station to NSSC is highlighted in red on the map.

View NSSC Public Transportation map in a larger map

If you arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport, and prefer to get to NSSC by Airport Express Train, please:

a.   Get off at SANYUANQIAO, the interchange station for Airport Express Line and Line 10.

d.   Change for Line 10 at SANYUANQIAO Station and get off at ZHICHUNLU, the nearest Metro station near NSSC.

The fare for Airport Express Train is 25 RMB (4 USD) and it takes about 1 hour to arrive at NSSC. 

Getting to NSSC by Taxi:

If you prefer to get to NSSC from the Beijing Capital International Airport by taxi, please line up and wait at the Airport Taxi Waiting Zone. Show the following information to the driver:

目的地: 中国科学院国家空间科学中心

地址: 北京市海淀区中关村南二条一号


周围地标性建筑: 辽宁大厦、中科院研究生院(中关村园区)。

联系人:赵卫     联系电话:010-62582780

The fare from Beijing Capital International Airport to NSSC is 90 RMB (15 USD) or 110 RMB (17 USD), depending on which Terminal your plane arrived at. For your safety, please do not take any unlicensed Taxi.

If you still have difficulty in reaching NSSC by Taxi, please contact NSSC driver’s office.

TELE: +86-010-62582780

Getting to NSSC by Bus:

The nearest bus station is BaoFuSi Nan, and can be accessed by Lines 319、466、630、641、660、79、86 or 109. The way from BaoFuSi Nan Bus stop to NSSC is highlighted in blue on the map.

For parking information and further assistance, please contact the General Affairs Office, TELE: +86-010-62582756, Email: contact@nssc.ac.cn.


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